Tyre Services

We partner with the best brands to give you the best options.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignments optimise your driving stability and the vehicle’s overall handling performance, while maximising the life of your tyres. A wheel alignment will keep you driving straight, no pull in either direction, on the road.

At Elite Automotive, we know that suspension systems on modern and classic cars require precise wheel alignments. We use state of the art equipment for alignments to both front wheel, and four wheel drive vehicles of all sizes.

Replacement: All Brands & Sizes

The final frontier between you, your precious cargo, and the road; your tyres bear all of the force and weight of the acceleration and braking of your vehicle. Bad roads, overloading, high speeds, driving style and incorrect wheel alignment add to the impact of the safety and performance of your tyres.

At Elite Automotive, we can replace your tyres to suit your vehicle, driving requirements and in line with the legal requirements as outlined on your Tyre Placard.

We work with the biggest brands so you get the best option for your budget.

Fit & Balance

To travel safely, all of your wheels and tyres need to rotate evenly, especially at high speeds, and they need to be balanced. Our fit and balance service applies to every new tyre we fit to every vehicle.

Elite Automotive’s experienced tyre fitters use state of the art wheel balancing equipment to ensure your drive is evenly distributed through all the wheels and tyres on your vehicle.

Tyre Rotation

Tyre maintenance and servicing is vital for keeping your tyres in optimum condition. Rotation is one of the most important ways to ensure that you keep the tread depth of your tyres even.

At Elite Auto, we use the latest technology to ensure your tyres are rotated for the best results, and you are back on the road safely, in no time.

Puncture Repair

Elite Automotive offers puncture repairs following industry standard and manufacture guidelines for both Self Sealing and Run Flat tyres.

Please note: tyre repair is in most cases recommended as only a temporary fix.

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