Mechanical Services

Whether you require a vehicle service, or have a specific issue with your car, 4WD, or truck, we have the experts and equipment to offer the best solution for all of your mechanical needs.

Log Book Service

At Elite Automotive we offer trusted logbook services at affordable prices, across all makes and models. YOU choose who services your vehicle, so to keep your vehicle safe and operating optimally, and help your resale value, our Log Book service:

  • Will adhere to the terms of the manufacturer’s schedule and warranty
  •  Includes using only genuine or guaranteed parts

General Service

The best way to extend your engine life, reduce fuel consumption and maintain the safety of your vehicle is to have it serviced regularly.

Elite Automotive General Service includes:

  • Inspection of all filters, including the pollen filter, and replacing where necessary
  • Replacement of the engine oil with the correct specific fluid
  • Inspection and adjustment of your brakes, including your hand brake as necessary
  • Replacement of the Inspect drive belt
  • Supply of report on the condition of your vehicle
  • Rotate and balance of tyres

Brake Systems

Elite’s Automotive team of dedicated experts are fast car enthusiasts and know that every part of your braking system needs to be in optimal form for safety on the road.

  • We undertake to the machine of both discs and drums in-house.
  • Replacement of all parts including shoes and wheel cylinders
  • Detect issues causing vibration
  • Specialty upgrades of pads and rotors
  • Replacement of master cylinders and brake lines.

ABS, AEB & ESP: The technology that enhances your vehicle stopping system takes into account our reaction time, even our inaction time. It requires expert attention for service, maintenance, and repair.

Belts & Hoses

Belts and hoses are the connections between vital components of your vehicle; your drive belt alone controls your engine’s cooling, charging and safety systems.

Our Elite Automotive team will check your belts and hoses, to ensure they aren’t damaged, split or worn to maintain engine health for your car, and recommend timely replacement before major damage occurs to your vehicle.

Engine Management Lights & Engine Control Unit

Universal diagnostic machines make everyone think they are an expert; error codes that the ECU generates can be Googled and problem identified. Wrong!

  • They aren’t used by experts
  • They lack updated manufacturer data
  • They don’t indicate specific faults
  • Some faults require specialist manufacturer readers.

As soon as the light appears you should head to your auto mechanic, ignoring it can cause major damage. Your ECU is a complex beast and needs professionals, like our team at Elite Automotive, to use the best diagnostic tools to offer the right solution.


Extreme temperatures mean your A/C system and its components need to be working at capacity to keep you cool.

At Elite Automotive we can service, repair and replace all parts of your A/C system, including leak detection and regassing your system.


As one of the hardest working systems on your car, supports several tons of moving metal. It has an effect on the life and safety of your tyres, and the comfort and handling performance of your vehicle.

We use specialty equipment; replacement of struts and springs is assisted by state of the art machining.

  • Shock and strut replacement
  • Full suspension upgrade
  • Modification and lift to suit your specific needs
  • Accommodate your 4WD adventures
  • Track day set-ups.

Our team at Elite Automotive love a smooth ride; and we will ensure your suspension system keeps you safe and in control.

Radiator & Cooling Systems

Your cooling systems are a vital part of the efficiency, safety and comfort of your driving experience. At Elite Automotive we can maintain, repair or replace any part of your cooling system.

Some common services we undertake for your radiator and cooling system may be:

  • Radiator replacement
  • System flush
  • Detection of overheating issues and hose replacement
  • Replacement of manufacturer specified fluids.

Steering System

As the primary source of control of your vehicle it’s imperative that your steering system works perfectly. We are experts in both the rack and pinion, and classic pitman drive systems.

Our Elite Automotive team can service, repair and replace all parts of your steering system, including:

  • Steering racks
  • Power steering pumps
  • Arms and bushes

We also include a computerised 8 point wheel alignment, before your car leaves our shop, to keep you in control of your vehicle.

Fuel Systems

To maximise fuel efficiency and ensure your motor runs smoothly, in both petrol and diesel vehicles, your fuel system should be clean, unclogged and leak free.

Fuel systems parts are made to last, and chances are your fuel filter will be the first part likely to needs replacing. Even so, our Elite Automotive experts know there are exceptions to the rule, and we can confidently check, replace or repair any part of your fuel system including your fuel injectors, and carburettors, to keep your motor running.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system and its components are constantly evolving to improve and serve multiple purposes:

  • the extraction of heat from your engine,
  • conversion of pollutants in the fumes to inert gases
  • the reduction of noise caused by the process
  • to meet tightening, regulatory emission standards.

It’s Elite Automotive’s focus to understand these systems, so we can maintain and repair them to keep them as environmentally healthy as when they were built.

Transmission & Gearbox

Our professional team at Elite Automotive understand the components within the transmission and gearbox of your vehicle. We work with all makes and models, both automatic and manual. Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Service of automatic transmissions
  • Oil replacement of manual gearboxes
  • Specialty DSG servicing
  • Replacement of manufacturer’s specified fluids and filters.

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