Roadworthiness, plus your safety and peace of mind are only an inspection away.

Pink Slips (eSafety Inspections)

If your light vehicle is more than 5 years old, Elite Automotive can undertake your eSafety inspection, and at the same time assist you with any issues that may cause failure of the check.

As part of our check we will assess:

  • Tyre quality and treads
  • Electrics including headlights, blinkers, interior and dash lights.
  • Seatbelts
  • Vehicle body
  • Engine and other fluid leaks
  • Condition of engine, suspension, exhaust and steering systems.
  • Brake efficiency.

Blue Slips

The RMS requires you to acquire a Blue Slip if your light vehicle has no number plates – but also if:

  • Rego expired more than 3 months ago
  • Something significant has changed – like putting in a new engine.
  • The vehicle was a write-off, and is approved for re-registration.
  • Has been defect cleared.
  • The vehicle came from OS or interstate.

Elite Automotive are authorised under the Authorised Inspection Scheme (AIS) to ensure you are cleared on safety, design, ownership and identity to re-register your vehicle.

Defect Clearance

In NSW if the RMS, Police or the EPA issue you with defect notice you have 21 days (from last date to be driven) to have those defects cleared.

At Elite Automotive, we are authorised vehicle examiners, and have extensive experience clearing common and not so common defects such as:

  • vehicle noise
  • worn tyres
  • cut springs
  • vehicle modifications

We will get you back on the road in good time and within your budget.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

We know that purchasing a pre-loved or used vehicle can be risky. As part of of your pre-purchase inspection we will check:

  • Engine bay
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Brakes and suspension
  • Vehicle body
  • Electricals
  • Other common historic issues with various makes and models.

Being aware if anything is faulty can enable price negotiation, so we give you a itemised 3 page report for your peace of mind – and possible bargaining power. Ultimately, we will stop you wasting money on a heartbreaking lemon.

Log Book Service

At Elite Automotive we offer trusted logbook services at affordable prices, across all makes and models. YOU choose who services your vehicle, so to keep your vehicle safe and operating optimally, and help your resale value, our Log Book service:

  • Will adhere to the terms of the manufacturer’s schedule and warranty
  • ┬áIncludes using only genuine or guaranteed parts

General Service

The best way to extend your engine life, reduce fuel consumption and maintain the safety of your vehicle is to have it serviced regularly.

Elite Automotive General Service includes:

  • Inspection of all filters, including the pollen filter, and replacing where necessary
  • Replacement of the engine oil with the correct specific fluid
  • Inspection and adjustment of your brakes, including your hand brake as necessary
  • Replacement of the Inspect drive belt
  • Supply of report on the condition of your vehicle
  • Rotate and balance of tyres

Have our expert Elite Auto team take a look at your vehicle.