Auto Electrical Services

We will ensure all your comfort and safety features are operating optimally.

Engine Scan – ECU

While universal diagnostics technology is available to anyone to cipher the codes sent to your ECU by the sensors of your car, you should be aware:

  • They don’t recognise all of the faults and issues identified across all makes and models of vehicles.
  • Different vehicles have different programs.
  • They lack important industry and manufacturer updates.

Why risk your safety and the optimal operation of your vehicle? Our team at Elite Automotive use current, specific, state of the art diagnostic equipment to identify what the exact fault is, and how to repair it.


Disintegration of the active ingredients in your battery are effected by:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • driving habits (excessive charge and discharge activity),
  • Environmental conditions
  • Powered accessories
  • Age and/or shelf life

Elite Automotive uses state of the art testers and replacement batteries in line with the vehicle manufacturer guidelines. We can assess, service, and/or replace your battery, and environmentally dispose of the old one, well before you experience a breakdown.

Lights/Globes & Fuses

At Elite Automotive, we know the little things matter as much as the big things. While blown lights, globes and fuses very rarely cause major damage to your vehicle, they can have an effect on the safety and comfort of your drive – they are there for a reason.

So if you notice that one or more of your vehicle’s functions; lights, audio system or A/C are not working property, we can identify and assess where the problem is and fix the issue.


If something is wrong with your starter or any other component of your starting system – you aren’t going anywhere – and you’ll likely be hearing strange noises. Clicking, whirring, soft buzzing and grinding noises can all indicate there is something amiss with your starter motor or another part of your starter system.

So if you are hearing noises or your engine is failing to start first time, our experts at Elite Automotive can assess and repair/replace your starter to get you on the road first time, every time.


Difficulty starting your car, grinding and whining noises, dimmed accessory lights or the frequent need to jumpstart your car could be an indication of a troubled alternator.

Your alternator works in partnership with your battery, and our team at Elite Automotive are experts at identifying exactly where your electrical issue is, and we will give you the best options for repair or replacement


While your SRS (supplemental restraint system) is performing it’s diagnostic check when you start your vehicle, the dashboard light will be on for 7 seconds. If the light stays on – your SRS is not active. Moisture, battery issues or wear and tear could be the cause.

While your airbags should last the life of your vehicle, if the light is on OR flashing for any reason, Elite Automotive can run diagnostics and repair or even replace your SRS, keeping you safe, and perhaps saving you a trip to the dealer or manufacturer.

Power Locks & Windows

While there can be indicators of the deterioration of these common features such as sticky locks that don’t respond immediately or slow and whirring windows, in most cases they will just stop working.

Our team at Elite Automotive will undertake a thorough diagnostic check to ensure there isn’t a deeper issue with your power system. We can identify if it’s as simple as dirty contacts or a faulty switch, so you don’t spend money on unnecessary parts or replacements.

Trailer/Electric Brake Systems

At Elite Automotive, we supply and install all trailer braking systems, including electronic braking systems for:

  • Box trailers
  • Boat trailers
  • Caravans and camper trailers
  • Horse floats

We’ll install your trailer braking system, safely and securely first time, every time.

Trailer Plugs

Safety on the road for your family, vehicle and trailer or caravan is paramount and getting the electrical wiring is important. Messing up installation of your plugs for controllers and other electricals shouldn’t be risked with a dodgy DIY job.

While prevention by regular checks is your best option, our expert auto electricians on team at Elite Automotive will:

  • Detect and repair damaged connections and compromised wiring
  • Upgrade you from a 7 to 12 pin plug socket.
  • Ensure your electrics for your trailer are working safely and correctly first time.

Reverse Cameras

Most reverse camera systems are designed for extreme use, but they do encounter problems. If your system isn’t responsive when reverse gear is engaged, or your image is not clear, it could be as simple as a fuse or wiring.

Elite Automotive auto electrical experts can service and repair your current system.

We also recommend and install new systems to suit a range of different displays, placements and mounting methods.

UHF Radios

If you’ve eliminated some of the more common causes of UHF Radio issues: flat batteries, bent antennas, and dirt and dust build-up, you will need an expert technician to identify the problem.

Our Elite Automotive team as fleet management experts, and racing and adventure enthusiasts, understand how vital your communication channels are. We can help maintain and repair your communication investment, so you are connected and confident, wherever you are on the road.

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